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Nozomi Hayase, Ph.D is trained as a liberation psychologist, deeply steeped in the tradition of depth psychology, hermeneutics and phenomenology. Developed by psychologist Ignacio Martín-Baró, liberation psychology understands the interconnection between individual suffering and social oppression. It places the illness in the context of history rather than situating itself solely on the individual. At her graduate study, she successfully carried out two community fieldworks and learned to move beyond the traditional therapeutic setting of consulting room and connect socio-political struggles with a therapeutic process in a form of cultural therapy. She created her own liberatory praxis to assist individual’s process of healing as they engage in a self-work of claiming their own agency.

Her professional experience embodies this liberatory praxis, which consists of threefolding of teaching, writing and community engagement;

Since early 2000, she has been engaged in education. Nozomi is a pioneer of creating the first Waldorf high school in the Puget Sound area. As co-director of the foreign language program and academic advisor, she actively participated in the school community and learned a way to build a non-profit organization based on consensus decision-making processes and colleagueship.

She is a creative and passionate teacher. By working with her cross-cultural experience as a Japanese native who immigrated to the States, she developed the concept of ‘foreign language education as an art’ – a path of self-discovery through critical consciousness awakened between cultures. She created the Japanese language curriculum and incorporated it into her teaching. She continues to engage adolescents in this quest for self-knowledge, through teaching psychology at Credo charter high school. She developed her own psychology curriculum that contextualizes the history of psychology and traditional theories in relationship with the emerging trend of technical intervention of humanity such as AI and transhumanism. Through her teaching, she challenges the millennial generation with a question of what it means to be human.

She is also a journalist who has written over 100 op-eds and columns on a variety of topics ranging from education, politics and culture. She describes herself as a ‘historian in a digital age’, who by working on the platform of the Internet, strives to bring views that are marginalized in society back to the historical archive. In her political and social commentaries, she deconstructs dominant ideology and tackles with historical revisionism of social oppression to restore our collective memory and address cultural trauma.

Her commitment to justice made her gravitate toward controversial issues and organizations as topics of her writing. As a frequent contributor to CounterPunch, Nozomi has audaciously delved into issues including the marginalization of Ralph Nader in his third party US presidential campaign, the persecution of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, political prisoners such as Mumia Abu Jamal and whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden.

In recent years, she has focused on covering the issues surrounding the invention of Bitcoin, decentralization and its empowerment of ordinary people.

Her writing received praise and acknowledgement by notable figures on social media and many of her articles were translated into various languages and shared globally. For more, read her Writer’s Statement here.

Short bio

Nozomi Hayase is a columnist and essayist, whose writing and activism is dedicated to liberation of all people. She has been covering issues of free speech and transparency, including the vital role of whistleblowers and cryptocurrencies in strengthening civil society. With the conviction that the foundation of investigative journalism is compassionate curiosity, she strives to bring an inquiry that fosters dialogue and encourages honest witnessing of history.

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