Healing of the World

I am now learning how there is a deep trauma within our culture and this unaddressed trauma is passed on generation to generation. Our society has plenty of trauma caused by a long history of colonization, slavery and genocide.

Perhaps the root cause of trauma is the loss of our spiritual disposition; who we think we are. Coming to this planet, we are all wounded, in that initial split from our origin, when our umbilical chord was cut from our mother and when we began the journey of becoming an individual.

We forgot our significance and how beautiful each of us are. Instead trying to prove our own self worth, we seek for prestige, power to control and accumulate wealth. In our suppressed memory of our original wound, I feel we are retraumatizing ourselves repeatedly, through giving our significance and power over to authorities outside, electing leaders that wage wars that are killing innocents and inflict violence through merciless capitalism.

In this sense, perhaps we are all here to heal ourselves, to tend to our pain and through it, heal this world. Each person finds a different calling and this is manifested in many diverse expressions. Some write poetry. Some create songs, while others paint. Some film documentaries and capture images through photography. Some become therapists and doctors helping others recover what they have lost. Others teach and accompany students in a quest of finding their unique gifts and the reason why they are born.

Maybe, whatever we do all relates to remembering this original wound that we have long buried within ourselves. Maybe our task is to heal this wound that our ancestors tried but could not do.

We can end this pain here, so that we don’t have to pass it on to the next generation. Maybe through recognizing love that has always been there, each of us can simply learn to love ourselves. Then, we can heal and can end much of this suffering of the world.


Nozomi Hayase, Ph.D. a native of Japan is a columnist and essayist, whose writing and social activism is dedicated to liberation of all people. She has been covering issues of free speech, transparency and the vital role of whistleblowers and cryptocurrencies in strengthening civil society.

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