Constitution of the Soul

I take an oath to the Constitution of my soul. It is my job to defend these boundaries from internal and external forces that try to subvert it.

1). I don’t tolerate being talked down to by people who engage in subtle emotional put downs. I distance and detach myself whenever someone tries to suck my energy through their insecurity or envy. My success is fruit of my hard work and perseverance, something that I am very proud of. I do not tolerate anyone who tends to shame, criticize or blame me for my accomplishments.

2). I have a right to my own personal information. I decide who I want to share what information, how much information and in what way. For someone who tries to pry into my personal information, I refuse to give any information and choose to not to interact with them.

3). I don’t tolerate gossip and people talking negatively about another person behind their back, no matter what the reason is. I do not engage. I do not participate. I reserve the right to remain silent and leave any conversation that I find unhealthy.

4). I do not take responsibility for someone’s emotions and thoughts. When I make mistakes, I strive to correct my actions and seek for clear communication toward understanding, yet I am aware that ultimately I am solely responsible for what I think and feel and I have no responsibility for what others think and feel about any person or situation.

5). I don’t tolerate a relationship that is not mutual, nourishing to both parties involved. I learn to give and receive. I seek relationships based on equality, mutual respect and reciprocity.

6). I listen to, honor and act through being true to my feelings. Whatever the reasons are, if I am not feeling safe and comfortable, or if the interaction is energy draining, then that is enough for me to not to spend time with that person.

7). I respect my time, energy and I respect others. I expect others to do the same.

8). I strive for honest communication where each of us understands and expresses each other’s needs and expectations honestly. I do not tolerate any emotional and backhanded manipulation. Whether it is my time, resources or kindness, when someone shows the sign of taking it without my permission, I reserve the right to terminate my relationship with that person at any time.

9). I strive for authenticity in a relationship where both parties are allowed to express themselves as who they are. I seek for relationships that do not judge me for my personal values or who I am. I strive to extend that same acceptance to others.

10). I choose who I want to associate myself with. I choose to spend time with those who inspire me, lift me up energetically, help me learn something new and share my joy. I strive to become that person and I choose to associate myself with someone who also strives for those same values.