Psychology of Resistance

The force of oppression is often hidden and becomes very difficult to recognize if it is more covert. Covert abuse involves our participation in the process, what most of us understand as the idea of the willing victim – those who self-inflict pain and suffering. It is imperative for us to understand how the world works and identify the force of control and agendas of those who run the system.

Psychopaths in power study us and channel desires and wishes in order to manipulate us. This is their psychological operation to maintain authority and manufacture consent. Psychologists need to actively participate in this battle. It is a kind of therapy to undo programming of our minds and to counter their PsyOps before further casualties are made.

We need to build tools for fighting against psychopathic deception, so to defy this illegitimate authority. For this, we need a psychology of resistance, a knowledge that can be used by individuals to defend the sacred space of our hearts, where we honor our feelings and intuition and cultivate thoughts that are truly our own.

For this, a radical departure from the current foundations of knowledge is needed, namely to shift from the dominant stance of the ‘creed of objectivity’ into a new form of validity – a rule of consensus that enables objectivity found in dialogue and inter-subjectivity.

One area where this trend is happening is in the realm of innovation and cryptocurrency. My deep interest in Bitcoin is primarily based on its unprecedented model of security, namely replacing third party trust with cryptographic proof. This creates a new network of consensus that does not rely on a central authority and rather self-organizes and regulates itself.

I see decentralization as an antidote to psychopathic abuse and that this protocol can be used as a shield to build a movement toward creating a true network of resistance.

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